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TIX Education Specialists sets itself apart from other training and consultation bodies in that it offers guidance and training on not only what is compliant, but what is known to be best practice and trauma-informed. We don't believe that one model fits all. Instead, TIX brings years of expert experience to identify solutions that serve you and your community best. Bridging compliance and best practice are our specialty.

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Cutting edge training integrating up to date policy and law and emerging best practices. Each curriculum tailored to meet your needs.

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TIX offers consultation in all forms including policy audits and review, case consultation, program review, climate surveys and more.

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Let our team of highly trained and experienced investigators help you stay on top of challenging cases and expanding case loads. 


TIX can create a specialized proposal and estimate for the services your school requires. Don't see the service you're looking for? We can tailor any of our services or curriculums to meet your school's specific needs.
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