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TIX Education Specialists sets itself apart from other training and consultation bodies in that it offers guidance and training on not only what is compliant, but what is known to be best practice and trauma-informed. We don't believe that one model fits all. Instead, TIX brings years of expert experience to identify solutions that serve you and your community best.  

Policy & Communications


Sammy Brace

Sammy Brace (she/her) is the Policy & Communications Manager at TIX Education Specialists, LLC. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon where she studied public policy, political science, and women’s and gender studies. She has worked to advance state legislation as an aide in the Oregon State Senate. She has also implemented community outreach best practices for Oregon United for Marriage and worked with students at the university level to analyze policies and programs offered to students, faculty, and their families. Sammy’s experience in the creation of policy and legislation for elected officials, agencies, non-profits, pre-K – university students and the public at large position her to further TIX Education Specialists’ mission.

Email: sammy@tixedu.com

Phone: 503-960-8270