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TIX offers specialized training suited for the needs of each institution and practitioner. Our training combines up to date guidance on current policy and law as well as emerging best practices incorporating trauma-informed frameworks. Each of our trainings are tailored to your state and institution's policies, and comes with adult learning based workbooks for participants.

Responsible Employees & Mandatory Reporting

This online course offers staff and faculty an interactive training on reporting obligations as responsible employees and state mandatory reporting responsibilities. Training participants not only learn about their obligations in reporting, but their role in student response, how to handle disclosures and be trauma-informed, and basics of Title IX and student interpersonal violence. Faculty and staff often struggle with complex and contradicting reporting information along with understanding how this role fits into their larger positions on campus. This training tackles those conversations while providing participants with helpful go-to guides and handouts. 

Campus Advocate 40-hour

Our partner the Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force offers an Oregon specific campus 40-hour online training. This online course is available for advocates serving students on college and university campuses in Oregon. The training aligns with the state standards for advocate privilege, and combines best practice with higher education mandates such as Title IX and Clery. For questions email taskforce@oregonsatf.org. 

Title IX 101 

A crash course on Title IX and intersecting anti-discrimination and harassment policies for the new Title IX practitioner. Whether a seasoned school based practitioner or new to education, this course is meant to bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about Title IX for your school or campus. This course not only covers the regulations, emerging interpretations and best practices, it also goes over the unique dynamics of interpersonal violence, and its impacts intersect with student success and student retention.


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