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TIX Education Specialists sets itself apart from other training and consultation bodies in that it offers guidance and training on not only what is compliant, but what is known to be best practice and trauma-informed. We don't believe that one model fits all. Instead, TIX brings years of expert experience to identify solutions that serve you and your community best.  

Founder & Principal

Portland, OR

Jackie Sandmeyer

Jackie Sandmeyer is the Founder and Principal of TIX Education Specialists, LLC. They received their Bachelor of Science from University of Idaho and is a Juris Doctor candidate at Willamette University of Law. After creating the country's first statewide Title IX training and technical assistance program for colleges and universities, Jackie sought to fill the need for further capacity in training and consultation related to sexual harassment and interpersonal violence nationally. They have worked with colleges and universities, law enforcement, prosecutors, and community based service providers to identify and create some of the nation's leading models in Title IX and student victim services. From pioneering education based legislation that spread to other states to developing new and emerging campus based investigation techniques, Jackie and their team bring this experience and more to TIX and its clients. 

Email: jackie@tixedu.com

Phone: 503-709-8848

2018 Voice For Justice Recipient

National Crime Victim Law Institute

Jackie was the 2018 National Crime Victim Law Institute Voice for Justice recipient. The Voice for Justice Award recognizes attorneys, advocates, allied professionals, and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to ensuring that our justice system honors victims’ voices. Jackie was honored for their work with colleges and universities in Oregon and nationally, bringing
trauma-informed principals to Title IX and education based investigations and services. 

2017 Shepherd Legal Scholar

Oregon Gay and Lesbian Bar Association

Jackie was a 2017 Shepherd Legal Scholar through the Oregon Gay and Lesbian Bar Association. They were chosen for their exemplary work serving the LGBTQ community, as well as their achievements in the law. The award is given in remembrance of Bill Shepherd who provided low-cost legal counsel to same-sex couples, ensuring their rights to family planning and support in decision making. 

Legislative Highlights

Federal and state based legislation pertaining to sexual assault, campus responses to violence, and civil based victims' rights are constantly changing and progressing forward. This is especially true in Oregon. Jackie has worked with state legislators and Congressional leaders to develop and provide consultation on policy here in Oregon and nationally. Finding policy that accomplishes goals of protecting students while also allowing schools to meet mandates under Title IX and other federal law, is an expertise that TIX brings to its policy work. 

HB 3476

This bill provides for advocate privilege and confidential communication between students and advocates on campuses across Oregon. This bill applies to advocates working with a qualifying victim services programs, who have received 40-hours of training. For more information, contact us at admin@tixedu.com.

SB 759

SB 759 sets out requirements for colleges and universities to notify victims of sexual or physical violence of their rights and options in reporting. This notification includes not only Title IX rights and options, but also civil and criminal. For more information, contact us at admin@tixedu.com.

HB 4150

This bill applies to K-12 schools across Oregon, requiring similar victim notification of rights and reporting within the Title IX and civil and criminal systems as colleges. The bill also sets out clear requirements around schools' creation of sexual harassment policies. For more information, contact us at admin@tixedu.com.

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Other News

States push to duplicate Oregon campus sexual assault law

"Oregon officials have found that more students have formally reported their attacks to university officials since the law was implemented, said Jackie Sandmeyer, campus coordinator for the Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force."

Speaking with students about Title IX

“We are working with the administration to improve communication (between administration and students),” Sandmeyer said. “If you give a student a safe space, a student will most likely disclose themselves.”

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