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Evergreen State College Title IX

Investigator Training

I March 16-18 I Olympia, WA I 

Training Overview


This two and half day training provides Evergreen State College investigators with the opportunity to gain or further develop their existing skills related to conducting investigations, report writing, and identifying appropriate student support measures and safety assessments post-disclosure. Enhance your knowledge and practice the investigative techniques you need while learning how to implement best practices in taking different perspectives into account and engaging with your Evergreen State College campus culture. This training is a closed training for Evergreen State College employees only.

Workbooks with training curriculum materials and additional resources provided for all participants.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Strengthen your knowledge of investigation resolution compliance standards under Title IX, Clery, VAWA and Washington state law, as well as best practices, from initial notice through findings.

  • Examine the fundamentals of Title IX and how they apply to conduct investigations.

  • Establish a base understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and how trauma plays a role in students reaching out for help and overall student success.

  • Gain an understanding of experiences of violence from student and staff perspectives.

  • Identify what coordinated response and support looks like across campuses and across student services, including confidentiality, supporting all parties throughout the process, as well as issues of consent and incapacitation.

  • Identify barriers to reporting that are both institutional and cultural, as well as a school’s responsibility in responding to disclosures.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Title IX Regulations

The TIX Edu team is keeping an eye out for the new regulations and how they might affect current Title IX Processes on campuses. We work to keep all curricula up to date with emerging trends and will work to ensure that our trainings meet the federal requirements. 


For questions about the conference or assistance with registration, please contact

Connie Gardner at connie.gardner@evergreen.edu or Suzanne Gray with TIX Edu at suzanne@tixedu.com .