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TIXEdu offers a range of consultation services for institutions of higher education, schools, workplaces, agencies and service providers. We work with you to identify ways to better serve your community and who to include in the growth process.


Based on years of experience, TIX brings a range of expertise for any challenge or next step in the right direction.


Our experts can help you develop policies for your school or campus that assure compliance with Title IX and other state and federal laws. We believe compliance is just a starting point. Highly effective policies are also culturally responsive and trauma-informed.


Sometimes it takes another set of eyes on a difficult case to be sure there isn't anything missed. Whether your investigator has completed their interviews or you're not sure on the next step to take, let us help you move forward. 

A thorough look at your existing policies and their impact on students and staff. We'll accomplish this through focus groups, case reviews, climate surveys and interviews. At the end you'll receive recommendations and implementation tips to aid you in your next steps.



We've worked closely with legislators, appointed officials, not-for-profits, and state agencies to develop cohesive, trauma-informed legislation to protect students at the state level. Whether you have a bill drafted or you're at the concept phase, we're here to help you serve your community best. 

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