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TIX Education Specialists sets itself apart from other training and consultation bodies in that it offers guidance and training on not only what is compliant, but what is known to be best practice and trauma-informed. We don't believe that one model fits all. Instead, TIX brings years of expert experience to identify solutions that serve you and your community best. 


"We have to ask ourselves not only what is compliant on our campuses and schools, but what serves our students best. At TIX we believe those goals are one in the same."


- Jackie Sandmeyer

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Jackie Sandmeyer
Principal & Founder

"Good policy provides the opportunity for people to move from a place of survival to where they can thrive. TIX can help strategize the path to get there. "


- Sammy Brace 

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Sammy Brace
Policy & Communications

"A consistent, intentional,  and transparent approach to complaints provides a foundation for healing and resiliency.  TIX can develop an approach that serves your campus needs."

- Suzanne Gray

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Suzanne Gray
Project Manager
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